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Obvious user experiences

Talking about user experience can become a real job. What is actually hard in that way of thinking is not thinking of it, it is constantly trying to apply an obvious reasoning.

Sometimes, you just read information in a documentation, some advices on what is considered a best practice will remind you how the common sense his is the best practice.

For example, from the documentation of Apple, you can read this:

When users tap a search result from your app, be sure to take them directly to that content in your app. As much as possible, avoid displaying any interstitial views—such as pop-up views or multistep builds—because these experiences delay users from reaching the content they care about.

These little details will drastically make the difference between apps, event not considering yet the design of the application. Simply focusing on what the customer expect and deliver the content to him in the most efficient way, will rocket your results.

This was just a simple focus on the right directions to take when conceiving some applications.

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Obvious user experiences
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