MAILBOX app and Gmail labels - how to?

Hey, MAILBOX app is a great application, and the buzz about its launch is almost subject to controversy.
However, it is a real cool application! You'll love it as soon as you have finished waiting for the queue.
Once you launch it, you see how good the ergonomic is, compared to the native one proposed by Apple. Yeah, that's delightful.

But this is not the real point of this article. You are going to see quickly that you don't have access to all of your labels in this application… I mean… not yet!

There is a way for you to kind of use your Gmail labels as lists in MAILBOX app.

mailbox mail bracket

Once synchronised with your Gmail account, you'll see a new label in your Gmail account. By default, this new label [Mailbox] contains four sub-labels which correspond to the four default lists you have in your MAILBOX app :

  • later
  • to buy
  • to read
  • to watch

So far, all you would have to do is move one of your label from Gmail into this [Mailbox] label to see it in your app and classify easily your mails upon reception.

And that's it.

Enjoy it!

MAILBOX app and Gmail labels - how to?
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