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Fleksy a free innovative iOS app

I found this application today, which offers a new way to enter text with an integrated keyboard. Nowadays, lots of developers are really creating a gap in the ergonomic aspect of applications. One of the most difficult and painful action when you use an iPhone, (this is slightly different with an iPad) is text typing.

Since 2008, there has been almost no change of the native keyboard used by Apple on their devices. But there exist alternatives. Some are vocals and can be really helpful and reliable like, Dragon dictation or the native Speech Text Recognition, but this means everybody around you will clearly know what you'd like to type.

But for manual text typing, there is an alternative from "Syntellia", this is Fleksy.
Fleksy was first released in July 2012, but now, the application is becoming free.

You could take it for a spin, playing a bit with the different gesture patterns and experience it by yourself. There is no real big effort made on graphics since it's not the purpose of this app. And here is the new petition system that will ask Apple for new features.

Download Fleksy for iPhone

Fleksy a free innovative iOS app
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