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CocoaPods - Dream tool for iOS developers

Let me introduce CocoaPods.

I started using it for one of my personal projects, and… ok… the configuration process, even if it is simple can lead to a cul-de-sac because of Ruby. But if this does not happen to you, you'll discover a real new world {% emoji smile %}.

Yes, all your dependencies are automagically built into a unique static library for which you don't have to take care of any header file that should be included.

Adding, Removing or Updating your packages is also a sweet transparent process. This is really great when you need an update since maintaining tags of GIT submodule, though efficient, is a hard work compared to maintaining a simple PodFile.

I won't explain that much since, everything is well explained on the original website, but if you have any question about it, ask me.

CocoaPods - Dream tool for iOS developers
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